New Lockjaw song! “Space Station”

From the forthcoming release in 2012, “White Lies, Black Heart”. Lockjaw has been corrupting audiences with their brand of “Hell Rock” since just before the dawn of the new millenium. The new record from what I’ve heard, is going to be the most dark, aggressive, disturbing, perverse, abrasive, sinful, exotic, erotic, fetishistic, and best of all, HEAVY Lockjaw release to date!

Mothers and Nuns, you have been been warned!

Follow Lockjaw on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Myspace, as well as their own site. Also, be sure to check them out over on Roadrunner Records “Sign Me To”, and give ’em a horns up! If you like it, be sure to get the music over at iTunes! I’ve included some links to some of these sites below.

If you happen to be in the Wisconsin, Illinois…Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicagoland areas, be sure to catch them destroying live somewhere this year!!Lockjaw image

Visit the links for the latest info on Lockjaw music, live shows, and merch!!/pages/Lockjaw-Fan-Page/108608639252601?sk=info


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